Alternative View: How to promote a good night’s rest

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I am often asked by groups and clubs to go and do talks, which I am happy to do as I enjoy talking to people who are interested in natural remedies and health.

These days, to try and make sure that each talk I do is different and relevant to the people in the room, I always start each session by asking people what they would like me to cover during that session.

Whilst this does bring out a diverse range of topics, one thing that people always ask about, without fail, is how to get a good nights sleep.

It seems to me that the number of people struggling with sleep, must be tremendous.

So this week I thought it may be useful if I looked at some of the best ways we have found to promote a good nights rest.

Firstly, look to your diet. If you are having a lot of caffeine - tea, coffee or cola, throughout the day and particularly after 5pm, this could well be affecting your body’s ability to turn off at night, so try cutting that down.

Secondly, your night time routines could be having an impact.

If you are working late into the evening or on the computer or anything else that is stimulating your brain and thought processes, this will reduce your ability to switch off when required.

I try and make it a rule to stop all those things at least an hour before I want to go to bed and start doing things that wind me down - a bath, mindless TV or a good book.

Finally there are a couple of supplements we have used over the years, which can help switch off the mind and body at the end of the day.

If it is your mind which will not switch off, if your brain waits until your head hits the pillow and then starts thinking about everything you have done or everyone you should get done, all the things you are worried about or even the lyrics of a song, then sleep can be very hard to achieve.

The thing we often suggest to people in this instance is something called Theanine.

An amino acid found in green tea, theanine can be marvellous for those people who suffer with an overactive brain.

The other problems that a lot of people encounter with sleep is either the inability to properly relax the body, especially if life is stressful and they feel uptight.

My favourite thing to try for this is a remedy we use at home a lot. Natures Aid Valerian Complex.

This complex mixes valerian, which is a calming and relaxing herb, with hops which are mildly sedative, passiflora another calming herb and wild lettuce.

I always suggest to people to try some valerian complex and reap the benefits.