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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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It seems that spring has sprung and brought its usual issues, the sneezing and snuffling of hay fever, which I wrote about last week, plus as ever through May and June – exam stress. So this week I thought I should go through the natural ways to support people through this stress and anxiety.

Already feeling the pressure?

For those who find the run-up to exam time stressful and worrying, it can be an idea to try something natural to help calm down. This is because when we feel uptight our brain does not work as well as it should, which makes studying harder, which in turn leads to greater levels of worry.

My favourite product by far to help break this destructive cycle is called, very appropriately, Balance for Nerves. Balance for Nerves contains a number of different natural products which are commonly used for people with stress, including passiflora and lemon balm – calming and soothing herbs, B Vitamins – to help balance the nervous system and also to help with mood swings, plus a nutrient called theanine.

Theanine can help to calm an overactive mind, to help increase focus and reduce anxious thoughts. We have had so much positive feedback on this product from all sorts of people who used it during stressful times.

Last year a girl and here mum called in a week before exams were due to start. The girl was getting herself into a right state worrying about her exams.

This was affecting her moods and her ability to study effectively. We suggested the Balance for Nerves, which she agreed to try. Her mum was kind enough to come in a couple of weeks later to tell us that the Balance for Nerves had helped her daughter really quickly. She had calmed down within a couple of days and had got through her exams really well – they were both delighted.

Need something on the spot?

For those who are already going through exams, or those who just want something to use as and when they need it, then theanine can be taken on its own.

Theanine, as I said, is often suggested to help calm the mind and therefore improve focus. When I have used it myself during stressful periods I have found it can relieve my anxiety and noisy brain within as little as 10 minutes. It apparently works by increasing the production of ‘zen like’ alpha brain waves.

This in turn should calm a noisy mind down, which is why it helps to improve focus. It does not make you drowsy either – just calm.

Worried about hay fever during exams?

Fear not – the Pollinosan product I wrote about last week can be safely used to relieve hay fever symptoms without causing any drowsiness.