A&E ‘will not close’ but fight goes on

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Campaigners are continuing the fight to keep an Accident and Emergency service at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Their fight continues despite the Secretary of State telling the Commons there are no plans to close it.

Secretary of State for Health Dr Dan Poulter assured MPs there never had been any proposals to close the RLI A&E facility, in response to a question by Morecambe MP David Morris.

But Ian Pattison, leader of the Morecambe Labour group, said: “As far as I’m concerned they still can’t guarantee it won’t close even though the Government says there’s no threat.”

Mr Pattison said at a recent meeting with the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust and GPS, he was told “there would be some shifting of services due to budget constraints”.

Mr Pattison said: “We weren’t given any clear indication of which services and when. This could be over a period of years. As a public campaigner I can’t ignore the public’s call that they need to keep an A&E department in Lancaster.”

David Morris said: “I am pleased with the robust response from Dr Dan. I think it is imperative that people are assured that A&E provisions will remain open at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

“I would ask those who have been scaremongering to stop it straight away as the A&E will not be closing.”

The Trust declined to comment, instead referring The Visitor to ‘Better Care Together’, the review of health care services being carried out by local NHS organisations.