Health and safety inquiry into liquid nitrogen cocktail continues one year on

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A teenager who nearly died after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail at a Lancaster bar is still waiting for the outcome of an investigation a year on.

Gaby Scanlon, now 19, had to have her stomach removed after consuming two ‘Nitro Jagermeisters’ on her birthday at Oscar’s Wine Bar last October.

The -196 degree chemical burned a hole in her stomach and surgeons spent four hours saving her life.

Lancaster City Council’s investigation into the incident is continuing to examine any health and safety breaches.

And Deirdre Healy, of Manchester law firm Pannone, who is representing Gaby, told the Guardian that her civil claim was also ongoing.

Neither Gaby nor her mother, Lisa Henshall, of Heysham, wish to comment until the outcome of those matters.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has reported no further liquid nitrogen incidents since Gaby’s ordeal, but MPs at the time called for a ban on the substance, which many bars use to create drama and excitement for customers.

Lancaster MP Eric Ollerenshaw said the FSA had ruled its guidelines for handling the chemical were sufficient but that new laws were possible depending on the inquiry’s outcome.

Oscar’s, in George Street, declined to comment.