Hands off our library! Our readers slam ‘satellite’ library plan

Morecambe Library.
Morecambe Library.
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“Leave our library alone” – that’s the message received loud and clear from the people of Morecambe in response to plans to turn the town’s 
library into a self-service ‘satellite’ facility.

As part of a Lancashire County Council blueprint to save £200m by 2021, Morecambe library could become unstaffed. Instead people would use self-service counters to collect reserved books and return them.

But when we set up an online poll and asked readers to vote on the plans, an overwhelming 96 per cent of you said you wanted to see the library remain in its current format.

A 12-week public consultation is under way on the Lancashire County Council plans to close other libraries around the county, cutting the number from 73 to 44.

Readers have had their say about the issue on our website.

Kazob said: “I don’t agree with a satellite service for the library, I go to lots of clubs there, it’s not far from my house, my mobility isn’t that good. If it changed my mental health would decline again and probably cost the government more money in the long run.”

AndyMorecambe said: “As Morecambe residents we should fight tooth and nail to overturn this ludicrous plan.

“The figures show that Morecambe library is well used however the proposal to downgrade suggests this has been ignored.

“However, less used libraries, for example Heysham, are to be retained. It’s absurd. I find it staggering that the county council is planning such sweeping cuts.”

Booksy said: “Libraries aren’t just about books these days, it’s obvious from all the different groups that meet there.

“They encourage people to socialise and meet other like minded people who share the same interests. Not everyone likes to live in a virtual world. It’s good to get out! The library is a wonderful place for meeting people and socialising, never mind all the other services it provides, Morecambe would be a poorer place without it.”

However, shockingtimes said: “The library isnt closing, it’s simply not going to have staff. Try buying a Kindle.”

Morecambe town councillors also slammed the plans when they met.

They voted to invite a county council representative to a future meeting so they could ask questions.

County Coun Jenny Mein, leader of Lancashire County Council, said: “The severity of the county council’s financial position cannot be overstated, and the ongoing cuts in central government funding combined with rising demand for our services mean the only way we can maintain the services that people rely on is to deliver them in a different way.”

You can have your say by completing feedback forms, which are available at Morecambe library. The consultation is due to end on August 14.