Hairdresser laws just won’t wash

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ONE of the town’s top hairdressers has a real bee in his bonnet about proposed European laws which he says could cost him and other UK crimpers thousands.

Graham Cass, who co-owns the Jo and Cass chain of salons, said plans to reform health and safety regulations for hairdressers are “a step too far”.

Morecambe MP David Morris, himself a former hairdresser, will travel to Brussels on Wednesday for a head to head with the European Union over the controversial law changes.

The proposed laws include: “Workers shall wear suitable clothes for their activities...and in particular, shoes with non-slip soles” and “workers shall not wear jewellery on their hands or arms during work”.

The draft proposals also “recognise that effective social dialogue at the workplace makes an important contribution to creating a working environment that is conducive to high levels of mental health and wellbeing”.

They also say hairdressers should wear protective gloves when applying dyes or washing hair.

“They’ve gone mad,” said Mr Cass. “Some of it I agree with. We encourage our staff to wear non-slip shoes anyway. And we do ask them to limit the make-up and jewellery they wear.

“But it’s still an infringement of their human rights to tell them what to do.

“As for using gloves for washing hair, if I’ve got shampoo on my hands, my hands are clean!

“They’re talking about wellbeing, but hairdressing is one of the top jobs for (employee) enjoyment and satisfaction. I’ve never had a hairdresser collapse on me for being tired.

Mr Morris said: “When I first read this I had to check that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.”

“I think this interference from Brussels is totally unnecessary and an insult to the skill and professionalism of British hairdressers.”

Mr Morris will meet with Coiffure EU, the European association of employers’ organisations in hairdressing, who are proposing the regulations.