Green party leader speaks at Gregson Centre

As part of her last two months as leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett spoke to a packed house at the Gregson on Tuesday, about Green Party approaches to Brexit.

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 1:00 pm
Local Green supporter Chris Hart, Natalie Bennett, Green councillor Gina Dowding, who chaired the meeting, and Helen, chair of Carlisle Greens.

She said that the Greens would be campaigning hard for any Brexit deal to honour the existing laws that are in place across the single market in EU which give environmental and workforce protections.

Natalie said: “There is a need for ordinary people to now influence the type of Brexit that is now negotiated; no political party has a mandate to do that at the moment, until there has been a general election.

“It is clear that people want change: a strong opportunity now exists to insist on change to the voting system, to have a proper constitution and to modernise our democracy.”

Gisela Renolds, an audience member, said: “I learnt more in 30 minutes from Natalie Bennett than I do watching the news. It gave me hope that some politicians at least have a vision for managing Brexit with least damage to human rights, equality and the environment.

“Its clear that some of the leave votes were about people’s rage that within the first-past-the-post system, our votes never really count, which is why we need constitutional reform. And the last time we had voting reform was when women got the vote almost 100 years ago!’

Natalie Bennett is leaving her role as leader amicably after four years in the role. Members of the Green Party will elect their new leader in September.