Great honour to hold my position in Wales

David Morris.
David Morris.
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Last week we saw the first vote of the Parliament which was on the Queen’s speech, the Government won the vote by 56 and every Government MP that could vote did so it was an uplifting start to the Parliamentary term.

As business is now back up and running so are the Government appointments.

This week it was announced that I was to remain Secretary of State for Wales’ PPS, which is a great 

It is especially interesting to be involved in the devolution agenda at such an exciting time, especially as many of you talked about English votes for English MPs with me during the election period.

Many of you also raised your concerns with 
international aid being accountable.

With this in mind I asked a question to the International development Minister Grant Shapps MP what the Government have put in place to ensure developing countries have the means to collect taxes.

Mr Shapps said that HMRC are helping collection in 26 out of 28 priority countries to ensure that developing countries have the means to tackle tax evasion and tax avoidance.

Back in the constituency on Friday and I was pleased to restart my monthly meetings with the Morecambe Job Centre.

Unemployment in the constituency continues to fall month on month, which means there are less people claiming job seekers allowance in the constituency.

The meeting is also an opportunity for me to feedback to my colleagues at the DWP how the new Universal Credit benefit is working in practice and is helping people across the constituency, as Morecambe is a flagship area for the new benefit.

On Friday I was privileged to open the new accommodation at the Golden Ball at Snatchems along with Sam Aston who plays Chesney in Coronation Street.

Steve Hunt and his team have done a fantastic job renovating the site and I wish 
him every success in his venture.