Girl makes miraculous recovery

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A GIRL who nearly died in a freak accident with a horse has made a miraculous recovery.

Ironically, the horrendous injuries caused by a horse that almost killed Alice Roberts did not even happen when she was riding.

Despite undergoing hours of surgery and spending weeks in hospital, Alice has made a miraculous recovery, and has refused to let the freak accident put her off riding.

Even when she was fighting for life, a determined Alice told her mum: “You do know that I am going to ride a horse again, don’t you?”

It was on September 11, 2010, that the teenager went to drop off a horse trailer at a farm, in preparation for a show.

The horse managed to escape and attempted to run out of the yard, so Alice put her arms around his neck to stop him fleeing.

However, the horse was suddenly startled and bolted dragging Alice along with him.

The horse ran into the main road and straight into the path of a Range Rover, and after being struck by the vehicle, he landed on Alice crushing her with his 1,500lb weight.

Alice was barely clinging on to consciousness and a farmer, who was also a theatre nurse, opened her airways to allow her to breathe.

Paramedics and North West Air Ambulance arrived at the scene and Alice was airlifted to Royal Preston Hospital, and the biggest fear was that she had suffered a head injury.

At Royal Preston Hospital, Alice’s devastated parents Rose and Geoff were warned that their daughter had so many life-threatening injuries, there was a real chance she might not pull through.

Mum Rose recalled: “We felt so powerless and heartbroken. All we could do was leave it in the hands of the doctors and hope they could save Alice.”

Alice suffered a ruptured diaphragm, broke her pelvis in three places, broke her collarbone, her arm and ribs and had a torn stomach, kidney and liver damage and a badly bruised bowel and lung.

Alice, 16, who has just completed her GCSEs at Lancaster Grammar School, said: “I was in hospital for quite a while and when I got out, I had to do physiotherapy daily.

“I am now fully recovered, although I still get tired. I am back horse-riding and did not let the accident put me off.”