Gathering on beach for Chinese cocklers who lost lives in Morecambe Bay

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Latest news.

A poignant gathering on the beach later today (February 4) will remember those who lost their lives.

‘Sigh of the Sea’ will be held by the Clock Tower from 5pm to 8pm.

There will be a small decorated tented village with food and hot drinks, lanterns to decorate, a sculptural bonfire, music and singing.

The event will be organised by Morecambe community music organisation and education charity, More Music.

It has been produced by More Music’s artistic director, Pete Moser.

Pete has worked alongside Hong Kong theatre maker and performer, Eric Ng and Ewa Witaszek, curator from contemporary arts gallery DART.

Cumbrian ceramic artist Victoria Eden has also produced a piece of work called ‘On the night of February 5’.

This consists of 23 ceramic forms each constructed from red earthenware clay moulded on to individual plaster casts taken from the ripples and depressions in the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Each piece represents one of the lost Chinese cockle pickers and uses screenprinted quotations from press reports to highlight the issues of migration, loss and modern slavery.

Taiwanese artist and calligrapher Chun-Chao Chiu added the individual names of the victims.

The bonfire will be made in the shape of a boat, using old furniture to build a structure to burn and send wishes and thoughts out on the tide.

Food will be provided by the Lancaster and Morecambe Bay Chinese Community association and the Hua Xian Chinese Society.

Everyone is welcome.