Gardening by the seaside

WITH the time for planting upon us I thought I would look at some of the plants which will survive in our seaside area.

Many of the beautiful plants you see around the country won’t survive in the salt-laden winds in this area but there are some that will:

* Agapanthus (African lily), which flowers blue and white in mid-summer and early autumn.

* Lupinus (lupin), with mixed colours in late spring and late summer. nArmeria (thrift) flowers pink, crimson and white in mid-spring and mid-summer.

nAubrieta (coloured rock cress), in various colours, mid-spring and early summer.

* Lavatera (tree mallow), flowers pink and white all summer.

Whilst on the subject of seaside gardening it is advisable to grow plants to protect other plants from the salt winds.

The following are good hardy trees which will provide the wind break:

* Crataegus Monogyna (common hawthorn). nThe ever-green conifer Cupressus Macrocarpa (Monterey cypress).

* Pinus Contorta (beech pine).

One plant which will stand as much salt spray as is thrown at it is Ulex Europaeus (gorse).

Easily raised from seed it will fill the air with the sweet scent of its yellow flowers on a warm spring day. Its thorny branches make it an excellent deterrent to potential intruders.

See The Visitor (23-03-11) for full story.