Gardening brings back pain and muscle strains

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Spring certainly seems to be on its way and as it marches towards us many people are charging out into their gardens to clear up the mess left behind by winter.

I know my dad is often out with his spade at the moment, he loves his garden so much. This however brings with it back pain and strained muscles as like many gardeners, once he is out there, there is a strong tendency to overdo it.

One remedy he would not be without at this time of year is his Weleda Massage Balm. This product has been a favourite of his for many years, in fact I know that when he was writing this column, over 11 years ago now, he often mentioned it himself.

Weleda Massage Balm really should be in every gardener’s medicine cabinet as it contains all the things that should help relieve sore, overworked muscles. The main ingredients of the massage balm include lavender oil to relax the muscles and soothe inflammation, rosemary to help improve circulation to the area and arnica to help ease any bruising in the muscles and ease inflammation.

Rubbed on to sore overworked muscles, my Dad swears that this massage balm gives him great relief.

The other issue that can arise with garden work, especially for people like me who don’t wear gloves, is dry or chapped hands. Whilst it can feel lovely to get your hands into the soil, it’s not always the kindest thing for your skin. I do have a problem with this, but I have found that Aphrodites Olive Oil hand cream is wonderful. This is a thick, soothing olive oil cream which really nourishes the skin and seems to instantly return my hands to normal.

For other people though I know that the problem can get more severe than just a bit of dry skin. We have a regular customer who loves her garden, but who also suffers terribly with chapped and sore hands as a result of this. She swears by Amphora Aromatics Antiseptic Tea Tree and Manuka Cream. It contains soothing aloe vera to calm and moisturise the skin, but alongside that is the tea tree and manuka, which help prevent infection and soothe irritation.

If the problem is really serious there is also a fantastic cream by Zeoderm, which is used for problems like eczema and psoriasis. We had one lady who tried this for her really sore dry hands. She took pictures before and after using it and after only a week the difference was astounding – all the redness and soreness had gone and her skin was looking a lot healthier.

I hope that all of these ideas help all over enthusiastic gardeners who might otherwise pay the price.