Game Zone: Plants vs Zombies is really growing on me

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game
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I have always been a fan of little indie gems like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, that have taken the world by storm with their unique gameplay and their interesting mechanics.

The same applies to Plants vs. Zombies. It was a wonderful little game, in which you defended a house from zombies with an arsenal of plants, with a tower defence style gameplay.

It truly warms my heart to see that this little game has said goodbye to its roots and gone on to be a fantastic console game too.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a fantastic romp in which you play as either the plants or the zombies in a third person shoot ‘em up game.

Being for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I decided to try my hand at the online multiplayer and I was not disappointed. It is priced at £34.99 on Xbox One and £24.99 on the 360.

I played a gamemode called ‘Team Vanquish’ which was essentially a team deathmatch. The game gave me a choice between the plants or the zombies. chose the biggest plant I could see, a big purple flytrap that was more of a melee class that could swallow zombies whole. The glee that followed was incredible as I swooned around the map, gobbling up hapless people that dared to get in my way.

The plant classes include Peashooters, Chompers (My favourite class), Sunflowers and Cacti. You could also, in the Garden Ops game mode, plant down mini support units, like mini healers or sentry plants that can aid you in your quest to destroy the zombie invasion. The zombies are another story entirely. They include the utterly terrifying All-Star zombie (a bit like an American Footballer) that wields a monstrous high powered football launcher that never has to reload.

Next comes the Engineer, which has strong weapons like the Zombot Drone which can fly around shooting plants. The final two classes are the Scientist and the Foot Soldier zombie. The Scientist boasts a Goo blaster which is quite like a shotgun and the Foot Soldier has a rocket jump ability a la the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 that you can use to hurtle yourself across the map.

I liken the game to Team Fortress 2 a lot, as there is much customisation and strategy, as well as it genuinely being a fun game to play. The Peashooter had an upgrade which let you become a Gatling gun allowing me to mow down the enemies.

Overall, the game is fun and addictive. I really recommend you dig up this game from your local retailer, as it’ll sure leave you astounded.