Game Zone: No happy ending for Stanley’s Parable

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Stanley was employee 427 in a big building and he spent his days pushing buttons until one day something went wrong and all his co-workers and friends went missing.

So Stanley, along with a narrator inside his head, adventure off to find the cause of the problem. This game is essentially a HD remake of the original, but with a much larger storyline.

Stanley must advance through the game using a number of different choices. You can listen to the story that the narrator in your head has carefully planned out for you, or you can ignore his hypnotic voice and take the plot into your own hands. Depending on what you do can lead to uncovering the secrets of the disappearing employees, or it can lead to your death.

The only problem I have with the Stanley Parable is its lack of actual sense. If you do uncover the mysterious disappearance of your co-workers, then all that happens is you are brutally destroyed by nuclear detonation.

There is no sense of victory, even if you manage to escape the narrator’s clutches and gain freedom. The fact is they do not play the character of Stanley across as a good one. He might be a mute character, like many other video game heroes, but I don’t think he’s very loveable.

Also, trying to figure out the endless possibilities for the game’s many endings can be a trifling experience in itself, trying to figure out new paths to a better, more fulfilling ending. Good luck finding one!

All in all, The Stanley Parable HD is a good game, but it’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.