Game Zone: My great day out in video game heaven


Me and a few friends went to the biggest Video Game expo in the United Kingdom, Insomnia 51, on Saturday.

The day was jampacked with games, famous YouTubers and general gamey goodness.

The Coventry Ricoh Arena where it was held was teeming with geeks, nerds and gamers alike, all waiting to get into what I can only relate to as a video game heaven.

Once we’d got our wristbands, we all went into the large exhibition hall and what a hall it was.

Roughly the size of a football pitch, the hall was teeming with vendors selling their game-related wares, computers set out displaying new indie game titles and a few fan favourites, a giant double-decker bus containing an all-manner of PC hardware and big companies showing off the latest in PC and Mouse technology.

The place was a paradise; I set about buying some merchandise that would be impossible to get back home.

After buying myself some Half-Life and Minecraft badges, we set about looking for the main stage, where we could see YouTuber Panels and Minecraft Player vs. Player tournaments. There, we saw some of the biggest names in YouTube Gaming, including Survival Games Champion, AntVenom, mind-blowing animator Blue Monkey, Caveman Films, Yogscast member BebopVox and the guys from Element Animation.

We were also present for Saturday’s main attraction, the USA vs UK Minecraft PvP Challenge; where members of the audience were pitted against the American YouTubers. The result was utter chaos, most UK teams getting annihilated by the seasoned veterans from overseas. One member of the UK team barely even played, simply walking around amongst the violence. We will never forget the valiant effort that Cavman put in that day.

After attending the panels and learning how to go about creating 3D animation and setting up our own YouTube company, we returned to the exhibition hall to blow the rest of our money on the wondrous swag. I purchased myself a Companion Cube from Valve’s Portal franchise, a Sipsco t-shirt and little something for my younger brother, who so desperately had wanted to go. One of my friends even got a hug from BebopVox during a signing session!

After nearly six hours with our own kind of people, we said a sad farewell to Coventry and went home knackered and fulfilled.

I hope that I will be able to go the next Insomnia Gaming festival between the 22nd and 25th of August this year, and I would honestly recommend anyone else to go along too. It’s fun, entertaining and a unique experience that cannot be rivalled by anything in the gaming world.