Gale force winds batter Morecambe

High winds have returned to batter the bay.
High winds have returned to batter the bay.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for the North West of England as high winds batter the country.

Gales of up to 43mph pelted Morecambe on Friday causing damage to homes and a tree was blown over on Morecambe Road.

But a spokesman for Morecambe Fire Station said they’d “miraculously” had no call-outs for gale-related incidents.

The winds are expected to die down on Saturday and brighter weather is forecast for Sunday and Monday, although heavy rain is predicted for New Year’s Eve.

An amber warning, the second most severe issued by the Met Office, advises the public to take precautions where possible and ensure you access the latest weather forecast.

Be prepared for some disruption to normal daily routines.

Travel only if well prepared and expect longer journey times.