Future of bees, MP's democracy talk, smart meters, Eden North

Readers' letters, September 4

Thursday, 13th September 2018, 5:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th September 2018, 6:02 pm
Undated Handout Photo of a view of the biomes at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK. See PA Feature TRAVEL Cornwall . Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Warren Chrismas WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature TRAVEL Cornwall .

I would like to bring readers attention to two Asian pests we have seen in our garden this summer, which attack our native bees.

We have had one sighting of the Asian giant hornet which has a body length of 45mm, a wingspan of 75mm and stinger length of 6mm.

There are many of them in each nest and it is thought that they can eat as many as 50 bees a day, so they are a real threat to our bees. Apparently the nests are difficult to locate.

We also had one sighting of a native bee covered in Asian mites which it was trying to remove. They suck the blood leaving open wounds and transmitting diseases and viruses.

Has anyone else seen them or does anyone have any further information about these two pests?

Anne Midgley, Main Street, Wray

MP’s democracy talk

I see David Morris MP was invited to the Lancaster and Morecambe College to talk about democracy.

The Conservative idea of democracy is let Lancashire vote on fracking when the result was no, ignore the vote, but when the massive police bill for protection against demonstrators comes the Conservative Government refuses to help and lets the people of Lancashire pay it even though they didn’t want fracking. That’s Conservative democracy.

C Parkinson, Lupton Place, Lancaster

Smart meters

Smarts meters, great for the giant German (and other) electronic conglomerates, rubbish for UK householders and no more than entry level snooping.

Everyone has a right to refuse one in their home. According to the latest figures, they are destined to save no more than £11 per year/per household and far less than the claimed saving of £35 per annum secured apparently by quenching a TV’s standby red LED.

Joseph G Dawson, Address supplied

Eden North

Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry MP, needs to know that our region of the North West is seriously fighting for funding.

Along the Cumbria/Lancashire border there are three projects that would bring significant economic benefit to the Morecambe Bay Region.

The three key projects are: The Northern Tidal Power Gateway project, The Heysham 3 Nuclear Power Plant and the fantastic proposals for an ‘Eden of the North’.

These three projects require the combined influence of Lancashire and Cumbria LEPs. They are ambitious and would deliver high value economic and social impacts to the Morecambe Bay Economic Region.

These benefits could be lost without the commitment of a unified voice: merge Cumbria and Lancashire LEPs.

The Government is currently calling for a fundamental review of LEPs as they move forward with the Industry Strategy for the UK and the associated Local Industrial Strategies that will support these initiatives.

What the Government makes clear is that investment will follow, where partner LEPs can demonstrate strong regional economic functionality.

There is therefore a very strong case for Cumbria and Lancashire to combine thus forming a powerful and effective Local Enterprise Partnership, something that can sit equally at the table with Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region.

The University of Lancaster, University of Central Lancashire, The University of Cumbria and the Colleges of further Education are already working together and support businesses across Cumbria and Lancashire.

Cumbria and Lancashire need to be serious members of the Northern Powerhouse, and will not achieve that as bit players.

Coun Graham Vincent, Portfolio Holder for Economy and Assets, South Lakeland District Council