Friends of park find long-lost waterfall

A newly discovered man-made waterfall will be switched on at Williamson Park.

Thursday, 6th April 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:14 pm
The cascade will be officially opened on April 9.

The cascade at the eastern end of the lake in the park will soon be flowing again after nearly 30 years.

It was rediscovered three years ago by the Friends of Williamson Park who were clearing rhododendron bushes on one of their weekly work mornings.

The pump was broken, the cobbles loose, and vegetation covered the rock face down which it tumbles.#

Funds to repair it came from the wonderful Ashton evenings of music and art, and an amazing Ukelele Day. It will be switched on by the Mayor of Lancaster on Sunday April 9 at 3.30 pm, and 
everyone is welcome to come along.

“Whilst we were trying to find out more about the Cascade, it became clear that not many people knew that it existed,” said Katharine Bradshaw, Chair of the Friends of Williamson Park.

“You have to walk around the Lake under the bridge, or approach from the lower path from the Wyresdale Road Car Park. When it is running it will help to oxygenate the Lake, and provide a lovely place to sit and play”.

This is one of the many projects that the Friends have worked on to improve the Park for all. For more information about the Friends of Williamson Park contact [email protected] or 
visit “Friends of Williamson Park on facebook.