Fresh progress on old Frontierland site

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MAJOR plans for redeveloping the former Frontierland site have moved a step closer.

Outline planning permission has been granted for a development of the derelict site to include housing, a hotel, leisure centre, garden centre and retail outlets.

The main site ceased as a funfair around five years ago, with any existing rides to be dismantled if the development goes ahead.

Planning officer Andy Roe said: "At the moment, the Frontierland site is a major eyesore for everyone. There is a genuine need for this type of mixed use development which would fit in with the West End Masterplan. It would provide a much better frontage to Marine Road than the vacant and unattractive site we have now."

Objections to the proposed plans came from members of the Morecambe and District Cham-ber of Trade and Commerce who voiced their opposition to the plans because they were not considered a tourism development.

A petition signed by 71 local residents had been submitted, with most expressing the feeling that they didn't want housing on the site. There was also a lengthy objection from the planning advisors for B & Q, who had previously applied to have a store near White Lund, but were refused.

Several councillors voiced their objections to the proposals including Coun David Kerr who said: "Tourism is finished in this district if this development goes ahead."

Evelyn Archer said: "We're bending over backwards for developers who'll get pots of money if this goes ahead. We're damaging the Arndale Centre's trade. It's just a way of fetching in a use for disused land."

Head of planning., Andrew Dobson said: "We need investment in big gaping holes in the town. If we sit here and hope the site will be filled and turn developers away, what message does that send out?"

Coun Abbot Bryning added: "Morrisons have been the catalyst for development in Morecambe. Seaside resorts have changed and will continue to change – what more do people who represent Morecambe on the tourism front expect?"