Fracking opposed by Lancaster City Council

Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.
Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.

City councillors have voted to oppose fracking across the district as consultations on the controversial method ended on Tuesday (September 29).

The motion, put forward by Labour councillors Rob Devey, Darren Clifford, Claire Cozler and Janet Hall, asked the city council to recognise the impacts on drilling for shale gas.

More than 30 councillors voted to support the motion which said fracking had the potential to spoil the countryside and adversely affect wildlife and habitat, as well as cause the potential for earthquakes.

Labour councillor Rob Devey, who put forward the motion, said: “This decision sends a clear message to the Government that we don’t want to see fracking in the Lancaster district.

“We think the focus across the country should be upon developing clean, safe and sustainable sources of energy.”

The council will ask the government to scrap proposals to remove responsibilty for determining fracking planning applications from local councils if they are not determined within a 16-week period.