Former Lancaster nurse awarded national award for courtesy

A former Royal Lancaster Infirmary advanced nurse practitioner has been awarded a national campaign award for courtesy.

Saturday, 19th November 2016, 8:00 am
Alan Cole from the National Campaign for Courtesy presenting to Tracey Ingham, nurse at the RLI.

Tracey Ingham, a member of the ENT Department Team until September 30, has been recognised for her exceptionally courteous approach to each and every patient under her care.

Alan Coles, the regional executive for the National Campaign for Courtesy since 2009, made this nomination as a result of being one of her patients.

He said: “One of the outstanding memories whenever I was treated by her, was the politeness and courtesy she expressed not only to me, but also to every patient, including her staff colleagues, without exception.”

This National Campaign was founded 30 years ago with the purpose of promoting courtesy by creating a greater awareness of the huge positive effects it has on individual people and the wider community.

To meet another person and be greeted by a smile followed by words of recognition and acceptance, can be a transforming experience.

It breaks down barriers between people and touches the deep need of everyone one of us to be recognised, accepted and valued for who we are.

Regional executives are expected always to be on the lookout for individuals, groups and teams, who consistently express exceptional levels of courtesy and kindness to everyone they encounter.

Having seen or experienced this, the executve can then decide to arrange for those involved to be awarded the campaign’s certificate at a presentation.