Former Bradford Arms in Morecambe now has new name

The former Bradford Arms in Morecambe will be called 1866 when it reopens.

Monday, 22nd May 2017, 11:53 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:51 pm
The former Bradford Arms in Morecambe will be called 1866.

Bravo Inns II who own the pub ran a competition on Facebook to choose a new name for the pub on Queen Street, and chose ‘The Albert Modley’.

But when The Visitor contacted a member of the late comedian’s family about the name change to ‘The Albert Modley’, she was shocked and said she had not been informed about the plans.

After discussions with Albert Modley’s family, Bravo Inn s II decided on the name ‘1866’ after the year the pub was built.

A statement from Albert Modley’s great granddaughter said: “After a number conversations with Bravo Inns we have come to an amicable decision not to use my great grandfathers name Albert Modley as the name for the public house previously known as ‘The Bradford Arms’.

Albert was a real advocate and a promoter of Morecambe and gave a huge contribution to comedy, entertainment and tourism and the family feel this is where we would like to see his name attributed to.

“My cousin has been working on a heritage Lottery bid over the last two years to bring a northern entertainment exhibition for the public to enjoy. The plan was to use the family name for this project so it was not part of our vision to have another building in his name in the Town.

“I, as are my family (to which there are a many of us in the town) are flattered with gesture, it is fabulous that people remember him and want to keep his name alive. We are excited to see how the new pub evolves and we congratulated Bravo inns for the huge investment they are making in our town.

A spokesman for Bravo Inn s II said: “ In relation to the proposed name change, after speaking in length with family members, Bravo Inns have taken on board their reservations with regards to the renaming of The Bradford Arms after their great grandfather Albert Modley.The family have reiterated their thanks to Bravo Inns for our consideration in using and honouring one of Morecambe’s legendary comedians.

“The Albert Modley was always Bravo Inns first choice, but we did have a very close second which is 1866.

“A massive thank you to Darren Clifford who suggested ‘The Albert Modley’, we will still honour our £250 prize.Congratulations to Ben McDonagh Gallagher your suggestion 1866 will now be our new name.”

Earlier this year, The Bradford Arms lost its license after undercover police officers were sold drugs.

At a licensing hearing, it emerged that customers at the pub ordered drugs at the door and then went behind the bar to take the drugs on a slate. Bravo Inns II took the license over and as part of conditions agreed with police, it was decided to run a competition to find a new name for the pub.

The managing director of Bravo Inns II Ken Buckley reiterated at the hearing that they had a zero tolerance drugs policy and anybody caught dealing or taking drugs on the premises would be barred for life.The pub is undergoing a complete refurbishment and is due to open soon.