Flytippers ruin our district

Fridge freezers which have been flytipped in the field off Oxcliffe Road.
Fridge freezers which have been flytipped in the field off Oxcliffe Road.

Shocking figures have been released revealing the extent of flytipping in our district.

Between 2012/2013, Lancaster City Council received more than 8,970 reported incidents of fly-tipping.

This is despite a maximum fine of £50,000 in a magistrates court and unlimited in the higher courts and up to five years imprisonment.

The shocking figures may just be the tip of the iceberg as many incidents of flytipping may go unreported.

Fridges, dining chairs, three piece suites, televisions and household rubbish have all been unceremoniously dumped in fields across the district by flytippers.

Despite being unsightly, the flytipped rubbish attracts vermin and pollutes the environment.

Simon Norfolk of Morecambe said: “Litter and flytipping seems to emulate from the back alleys of Euston Grove and Billy Hill and it is now spreading onto Corringham Road and threatening to engulf a once decent neighbourhood.

“Isn’t is about time the Euston Grove residents - the few who do use the back alley as an open bin, are issued with warnings and the possible threat of a fine?

“If this was Lancaster it would have been dealt with by now and I am sure community service groups would have been on the case, but as this faded old seaside town is deemed not as important as the great historic city it would appear that the litter is destined to rot and attract vermin and consequently more litter.

“With the prospects of a new development on the promenade and the link road on the horizon I think it’s about time the town was cleaned up a little.”

Coun David Smith, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “ “While the vast majority of local residents dispose of their waste responsibly, there remains a minority who just don’t seem to care about the damage they are causing to our environment.

“Lancaster City Council is committed to ensuring that the law is enforced against perpetrators of this dangerous and selfish crime and takes fly-tipping and the hazards associated with it very seriously.

“We investigate all reports of fly-tipping and would urge residents to continue to be our eyes and ears and contact us with any information which will help us find out who might be involved so we can investigate and take the appropriate action.

“The maximum fine for fly tipping is £50,000 in a magistrates court and unlimited in the higher courts and up to five years imprisonment.”

To report flytipping visit and click on flytipping.

•Report fly-tipping using the street cleaning problem form

•Call Customer Services on 01524 582491.

Lancaster City Council and the Environment Agency have responsibility to deal with fly tipping in the Lancaster district.

Lancaster City Council is responsible for clearing and investigating fly tipping on public land such as roads, parks and ginnels.

If fly tipping occurs on private land it is the responsibility of the landowner to remove it.

The Environment Agency investigates larger scale fly tips involving hazardous waste and organised crime gangs.

Lancaster City Council and the Environment Agency will investigate fly tipping on public land, gather evidence and where possible prosecute the individuals or businesses involved.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 Fly Tipping is a criminal offence.