First album in four years but still very nervous

Singer Will Young.
Singer Will Young.
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Will Young has just released his first album in four years. His last reached number one like most of the records in his career.

The new one ‘85% proof’ has been preceded by the 60s inspired single ‘Love Revolution.’ He popped by my show on The Bay for a chat and confessed to me his nerves ahead of the album release.

“I’m terrified, it gets worse with age. I remember after just winning Pop Idol I did the Golden Jubilee. It was such an experience.

“I was amongst all these incredible artists and I remember one of the ones I was so thrilled about was Annie Lennox. I was just fresh out of this talent show and there was Eric Clapton having a cup of tea and Tony Bennett was right there too. And Annie told me that the nerves just get worse with age and she was absolutely right. But for me I think it shows how much I care about my job which is why it takes me so long to make an album. I don’t want to just churn stuff out.”

In the four years between records Will has been busy. He is now a political blogger, he has been trying his hand at TV presenting and touring around the country in the amazing musical ‘Cabaret.’

“It was such a great show to do and there was so much energy in it.

The part I played, the MC, was either on stage or changing into another outlandish costume so it was all go. I felt alive during the performance and exhausted afterwards because I gave it my all. I could do anything with that part because he essentially was mad. It was such an experience, so so great. Hand on heart it is one of the best experiences of my life.”

The first single from the album ‘Love Revolution’ has a very familiar chorus. It features lyrics from Andrea Martin’s song “Share the Love”, more commonly known as re-worked track “Loneliness” by German DJ Tomcraft.

The song sounds like it could have been recorded in the 1960s.

Will told me: “That was part of the plan. Although I do feel it sounds modern at the same time. I’d say the whole thing has a Beatles style to it and that just happened unconsciously.

“My writing has changed quite a bit over the years and my lyrics are a lot more political these days.”