Festival organiser’s anger over funding

Zombies ready for the Zombieville Festival.
Zombies ready for the Zombieville Festival.
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A festival organiser has slammed Morecambe Town Council after he failed to receive any funding for his annual events.

Steve Middlesbrough, organiser of Morecambe Live Weekender, Country Kickback, Blueswater, Morecambe Jazz, Motown Magic and Zombieville, had asked for £20,700 - but will receive nothing.

He said: “We have received nothing about the decision and the reasons for the decision. We have had 32,500 visitors to the festivals in four years so we are quite proud of that.

“I’m not surprised at the decision. Money has been given with gritted teeth for the last four years.

“The problem is they are trying to micromanage something they know nothing about.

“They need to let the producers get on with their jobs.

“I expect better from Morecambe Town Council. Some of these decisions are playground politics.”

Christine Stebbing, vice chair of Morecambe Town Team said: “It is a sad day for the town to see he has no budget provision at all.”

Applications for funding for festivals in Morecambe are to be readvertised despite many well established festivals being refused funds.

Roger Dennison, Torrisholme Ward Councillor, said: “These were very difficult decisions to make but we wanted to do the best for Morecambe in the future.”