Fencing will keep children safe

New security fencing will be put up at Westgate Primary School to safeguard pupils.

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 1:00 pm
Westgate Primary School and Children's Centre will be having new security fencing installed.

The 2.4m high security gate and fence will be installed along the boundary with Gaisgill Avenue.

In a statement submitted to Lancaster City Council by Jeff Heskine Limited, chartered building surveyor, in support of a planning application to install the security fencing, it says the school has had persistent problems of unauthorised access through the site, with many using it as a short cut, as well as young people gathering on the site when the school is closed. There is also the risk of pupils leaving the site.

A large extension was recently constructed at the school by Lancashire County Council which increased the size and pupil numbers at the school.

As part of this scheme, a 2.4mhigh fence was erected between the front corner of the extension and the Gaisgill Avenue boundary. This has given a degree of security between the front and rear sections of the school site, but it has not addressed the issues along the Gaisgill Avenue boundary. The pedestrian path and access into the school site from Gaisgill Avenue will be retained.