Feeling bloated after Christmas excess?

Jenny Logan
Jenny Logan
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and would like to wish you all a happy New Year. I had a lovely time with friends and family.

One thing though, no matter how good my intentions over Christmas and New Year, I, like many people, tend to start each new year feeling bloated and sluggish. This is largely down to more sugary food than I am used to and a drop of extra wine.

The first thing I will be doing to get back to normal is a quick fix. One thing that can do this is a quick colon cleanse. The colon does tend to take a beating over the festive season, lots of extra food and drink to deal with can clog you up a bit and tends to have a negative effect on a person’s good bacteria. We often find that after a colon cleanse people say they have more energy and feel better.

Often the quality of the skin will improve as well, because you are clearing all the old toxins out of the system.

So how do you cleanse your colon? There are a few important points to remember here.

While you do want to clear the colon out you do not want it to be too aggressive as this can actually make you feel poorly. I use some very simple cleansing herbs which contain soothing ingredients, softening ingredients and a very small amount of senna.

We have used these with our customers for years and have never had anyone report back that they caused any unpleasant effects. Simply take half-a-teaspoon each evening for a week.

Clearing out the colon is a great opportunity to get rid of many of the fermentative bacteria that can make us feel bloated and sluggish. It is important then to also top up on good, friendly bacteria that has been killed off over the festive season. I find this really helps get rid of bloating and wind. My favourite is Higher Nature ProBio Daily, a robust bacteria which helps to colonise the bowel and keeps things regular.

These are simple remedies which have been around for years. It makes me cross to see many people are advertising or selling colon cleanses at quite high prices, simply because they are linking it to weight loss. Don’t get ripped off if you are looking for a colon cleanse. Realistically you should not pay more than £10 for both products combined.

This simple programme can be carried out over a week, which is what I will be doing. I know that I will expect to start feeling better after just a few days, as I start to clear out the festive excess and start the year feeling less bloated and more energised.