Fears over wind of change

A wind turbine.
A wind turbine.

Residents are gearing up to once again fight plans to build wind turbines in Heysham.

Fears have been raised 
over a proposal to build a 
77m turbine at Heysham Harbour.

A spokesman for Peel Energy said the structure would create enough renewable electricity for 600 homes.But a Heysham resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I’m deeply concerned about the long-term health effects of low frequency noise from these turbines. I came to this area for peace and quiet. Wind turbines can cause a lot of problems.” In 2011 Peel Energy put in a planning application for three turbines on the north quay of the harbour. After public objections, the firm withdrew its plans last year and has come back with a scaled-down proposal.

Meanwhile, a public exhibition will be held detailing separate plans to build a wind turbine at the sewage works on Middleton Road.

A spokesman for United Utilities said this turbine would generate up to 1.6 GWh of power a year – enough to supply 480 homes – and help keep water bills in Morecambe at just over £1 per day.

The exhibition will be held on Wednesday, July 9 at Middleton Parish Hall in Low Road, from 2pm until 7pm. Heysham residents have battled against several wind farm schemes in recent years.

Another wind turbine scheme at Heysham was given planning permission in 2012.

The plans for three 125m high (410ft) turbines on agricultural land south of the A683 were put in by company Banks Renewables.

British Telecom were also given planning permission to build a wind turbine at Fanny House Farm, Oxcliffe Road in 2011. Building work has not begun on either project.

David Morris, MP for Morecambe, said: “I’m dead against all wind farms.

“My worry is who is going to decommission them when they live out their life span?”