Father and son foil thief at Carnforth shop

Sam and Bryn Jones with the bottle of champagne they retrieved after tackling a shoplifter.
Sam and Bryn Jones with the bottle of champagne they retrieved after tackling a shoplifter.

A proud teenager told how he teamed up with his dad to tackle a thief.

Sam Jones and his dad Bryn chased a shoplifter and pinned him to the ground when he tried to flee their store with an expensive bottle of champagne for the second time in a fortnight.

Sam said: “We would never have caught him but for the fact that my dad can run so fast, almost with the speed of Usain Bolt!”

Have-a-go heroes Bryn, 45, and Sam, who work at Greenlands Farm Village near Carnforth, spied the thief on CCTV as he tried to sneak out with a £41 bottle of Moet Grand Vintage.

Wine shop manager Bryn and Sam chased the culprit to the main gate, then held him down until the police arrived.

The Joneses recognised the shoplifter from CCTV because he’d stolen a bottle of Louise Roederer Champagne from the same shop two weeks before.

“It all happened very quickly,” said Sam, 18.

“I was talking to another member of staff in the office when my dad came rushing in saying, ‘He’s back, he’s back, the champagne thief, he’s 

“My dad knew it was him because he’d burned the CCTV image onto a CD that morning to give to the police so the image was still clear in his 

“My dad ran towards the thief to grab him while I went for more back up.

“Our number one priority was to try and get him to drop the bottle as I had images of it smashing over our heads.

“I have never been so angry in my life but eventually I managed to grab the bottle which amazingly is still intact and is back on the shelf for sale in the shop.

“After a while we had a few people to restrain him and got him to the ground so he wasn’t going anywhere but the police station.

“We would never have caught him if our gate didn’t have a fiddly bolt which takes a while to open.”

Sam, operations supervisor at the family fun farm, said he and other staff were left shaken by the incident on May 1.

Andrew Heaps, 23, of Hozier Street, Blackburn, was convicted of two counts of theft during a hearing at Lancaster Magistrates Court. He was fined £35 on each charge, plus £20 costs and £34.50 compensation.