Family say cheers to 100-year-old

Kathleen Gavaghan.
Kathleen Gavaghan.
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It was a family affair at the Midland Hotel when Kathleen Gavaghan enjoyed an afternoon tea to celebrate her 100th birthday.

All of Kathleen’s family and friends visited to help her enjoy this historic day in the family’s history.

Kathleen was born in a village called Guide, in east Lancashire.

The youngest of three children, Kathleen had two older brothers. Their mother and father decided to take a farm instead of working in the mills.

They all worked on the farm at Knuzden and enjoyed the healthy life but extremely hard work.

This was in the days of horse and carts working the land and delivering the milk before tractors arrived on the scene.

Kathleen decided to train to become a confectioner in a local baker’s shop, whilst working on the farm during her spare time.

Kathleen later married and, with her husband Albert, took a farm at Rishton, near Blackburn.

Kathleen was happy working on the farm with the animals. Her favourite time was summer when it was hay making time.

She especially enjoyed cooking and baking for family and friends.

The family was very loving and caring and Kathleen and her brothers supported each other throughout their lives.

Sadly, Kathleen’s husband died young.

However, she was fortunate to be having a baby the following summer. Later in life’s journey, Kathleen’s middle brother moved to live in Morecambe and so Kathleen also moved to the resort, bringing her daughter and elderly father.

Kathleen enjoyed really good health until reaching her 90th birthday when dementia began to take its toll.

Kathleen now lives in Torrisholme with her daughter Geraldine and son-in–law James and is happy in her own world.

Three times a week she visits Altham Meadows on Westgate, which supports people in the Morecambe area with dementia.

Kathleen has two grandsons, a great grandson, two great granddaughters, four nieces and four nephews.

The family all had a lovely day helping her enjoy this momentous occasion on July 30.