Family devastated after pet is run over

Reggie the pedigree cat, who was run over and killed on Kingsway, Heysham.
Reggie the pedigree cat, who was run over and killed on Kingsway, Heysham.
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A beloved pedigree cat was mown down and killed by a van driver who may have deliberately driven at the animal, the pet owner claims.

Reggie the brown short haired red point was only one and a half when he was run over on Kingsway, Heysham.

Ange Swinden,25, who lives on Kingsway with her two sons and partner Ben McKnight, said: “A girl travelling behind the van stopped and told me that the driver purposefully drove over my cat, killing him and then sped off.

“My neighbour came to the door with Reggie, and I didn’t realise it was him, he was just a complete state. He was bleeding and his eye was damaged.

“I was holding his head and he was still alive but within seconds he had died. I was a just shocked.

“My cat is not silly when it comes to roads. He was walking across the road and there is no chance the driver didn’t see him.

“Another driver going the opposite way saw what happened and stopped.

“It happened right near thje kerb, so could have been avoided. I would hate to think someone has done this on purpose but that is what it seems.

“Reggie only went out to use the toilet and play about, he was very much a house cat.

“Reggie was a character, he was just like a little dog, he used to fetch my post and fetch a ball.He was just like another member of the family.

“I don’t know how I will explain what has happened to my sons, as I think its only the older one that will understand.

“We have just got a little chocolate labrador pup called Eddie and him and Reggie were just getting to know each other and now the puppy is looking bewildered as to where Reggie is.

“It’s been devastating for us all .I just want the driver to acknowledge what he has done.”

The vanthe man was driving at 1.30pm on Monday, February 2, was silver with a green logo on the back.

It is believed the van headed off towards the new housing estate off Kingsway in Heysham.

Police said they would not investigate the case.