Exhibition celebrates all things Morecambe

The Heartbreaks by Richard Davis.
The Heartbreaks by Richard Davis.

OUR fascinating and frustrating town is about to be immortalised in a new photography exhibition.

Under Morecambe Skies, by Lancaster photographer Richard Davis, will open in The Dukes Gallery, in Lancaster, on Friday, September 2, at 7pm. All are welcome.

The exhibition is a celebration of all things Morecambe.

Richard says: “It highlights the often chaotic mix of man’s bizarre intervention and nature’s stunning wonder.

“Stuck in a timezone all of its own, Morecambe combines vast skies, stunning sunsets and panoramic views with a real unconventional beauty and faded grandeur, which for me, makes a perfect combination.

“Add to this the special coastal light with an ever changing tide/weather/seasons and what you get is a photographer’s paradise.”

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