Ex-Marine Ted turns 80 under water

Ted Tandy during training for his 80th birthday dive.
Ted Tandy during training for his 80th birthday dive.
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Not many people can say they’ve done an underwater dive on their 80th birthday.

But intrepid pensioner Ted Tandy can after he took the plunge in an unlikely birthday gift to himself.

Ted Tandy underwater on his 80th birthday.

Ted Tandy underwater on his 80th birthday.

Ted, a former Royal Marine, hadn’t dived for 50 years.

But now he’s the proud recipient of a certificate to say he’s officially re-qualified as an open water diver.

Ted, chairman of Morecambe Classic Bike Club, recently decided to relive his youth in the Royal Marines.

He enjoyed it so much he went for his full qualification.

Ted dived to a depth of 18m and was under the water for 35 minutes.

“I did the test dive last year and thoroughly enjoyed it,” he said.

“There was great visibility, swimming down there with the fish.

“So I thought I would qualify again and do the open 
water course.

“I can recommend it to anyone who has an interest. Have a test dive first to see if you like it.

“Then you can go away on your holidays and dive in exotic places.

“Capernwray is a well-run establishment. They are very particular about safety and look after you very well. Their instructors are first class.”

Ted first qualified as a diver in 1956 when he was in the Marines.

“The aqualung was just coming in then,” he said.

“I dived with one for the first time in 1958 in Malta at the Royal Naval Diving School.”

Ted then stopped diving when he left the Marines in 1965.

Adam Hanlon, a diving instructor who runs the Capernwray centre, said Ted was a fantastic pupil

“He was great,” said Adam.

“He was finding taking his mask off hard but he had a big smile on his face which was great to see.

“Nothing phased him.”

Ted later continued his birthday celebrations at the Royal Naval Association’s Commodore Club on 
Heysham Road.