Every entry was winner on the carnival parade

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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The MC15 parade was amazing. There were 46 entries and as I watched the parade pass, it dawned on me precisely how much time and effort had gone into making each one.

Considering that the rain had been incessant up until an hour before the parade started, every float arrived on time and looked magnificent; a tribute to all those people involved in the preparation and taking part.

I know that the judges had great difficulty choosing the winners of the five categories. We clearly had far more than five winning entries in fact, given the conditions on the day, every entry was a winner in my eyes.

After the success of MC14 the organising committee had quickly decided that we could extend the carnival to a two day event. We had surveyed local businesses after MC14 and one thing that was mentioned was that although we attracted huge numbers, most were day trippers, so the local hotels and guest houses could have been busier.

By introducing a weekend event, we hoped to attract visitors all weekend and this certainly seemed to work. We tried to book accommodation for our crew just before the weekend and couldn’t find an unoccupied hotel room or caravan in the whole of the town or surrounding area. I am told that it was quite chilly sleeping in a transit van that weekend.

One of ideas for carnival Saturday was to have an ‘It’s A Knockout’ competition; we had enough teams enter to allow us to have both a morning and an afternoon game.

The participants were some of the bravest people I’ve ever seen; the weather was atrocious, wet, windy and cold yet these people happily went around the slippery course, jumping into and over pools of freezing cold water whilst having a whale of a time and laughing at the conditions.

Hats off to you all, especially my daughter Amy who would normally never dream of going anywhere in the rain.

Congratulations to the Lancaster University team who were overall winners on the day.

A special mention must go to Teresa from the Lord Nelson who not only agreed to sponsor the trophy, but was able to field a team when one entry pulled out at the last minute.

Teresa also allowed us to use the Lord Nelson last year when we organised a fund raising ‘Race night’. It’s local businesses like these who help to fund Morecambe Carnival.

We were all so disappointed when we received a call from the RAF to advise that neither the Spitfire nor Hurricane could appear to the carnival due to the rain.

I know that this was a big disappointment for many of you too however, I hope that the appearance of the Dakota did something to alleviate some of that disappointment.

One thing which was a great success however, was the firework finale.

That’s a definite for MC16 (only bigger, of course).