VIDEO: Baby bird rescued from garden in Morecambe

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This baby bird was rescued from the garden of a house in Morecambe.

The hatchling, which didn’t even have any feathers bar one or two straggly ones on its head, was lying on the ground after apparently being attacked by a cat.

It had a neck injury and a small injury on it’s back but was still breathing and moving around.

The bird was brought into the house to prevent it suffering any further and the RSPCA were called.

The advice was to put the hatchling into a small box lined with cotton wool and kitchen paper and to put holes in the lid so it could still breathe.

Then in the morning the RSPCA would come and pick it up and take it to a vet.

The tiny bird survived the night and was picked up by an RSPCA inspector the next day.

Sadly, the hatchling did not survive because it’s body temperature had dropped too low and it couldn’t recover.

However, the RSPCA said to call if it happened again and they would come and pick the bird up.

Another baby bird, this one a lot smaller, was also found dead in the garden, so it appears a cat had got to the bird’s nest.

For more help and advice on what to do if you find an injured animal, visit or call the cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.