Plans revealed to fix Morecambe sea wall

Morecambe sea wall set to be fixed
Morecambe sea wall set to be fixed
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Plans are underway to revamp Morecambe’s cancerous sea wall as some of the promenades flood defences begin to crack.

The £10m restoration project, awarded to the council from the Environment Agency, will restore four kilometres of the wave reflection wall which could take up to six years to complete

Built in the 1980s the wall is partly made from sand brought in from Bristol which later produced concrete cancer.

The cancerous concrete occurs when it degrades over time caused either from contamination or bad weather.

Now the race is on to fix the flood defences and cause as little disruption as possible.

If approved construction on the first phase will begin in June and will cover the area between Happy Mount Park and Lord Street.

Subsequent phases will then cover between the Midland Hotel and Oakley Road.

However some councillors fear the project may disrupt major promenade events.

Lancaster City Council engineer Adrian Morphet assured Morecambe Town Council work will be done “as quickly as possible” on a five day a week operation.

The senior engineer said the Royal Society Protection of Birds (RSPB) has expressed concern.

He said: “The RSPB have tried to stop us and would rather we didn’t do it at all.

“Any concrete removed will be crushed at White Lund Industrial estate to prevent disruption to local wildlife.

“We would normally work through the winter and shut down for the summer for the tourist season but we are 
being pressured to work all the way through.”

The RSPB declined to comment.

Adrian also said event organisers were aware of the possible restriction and said the promenade will be “perfectly walkable”

He said: “We are going to work from the road side, to take one lane out and maintain as much as the promenade as we can.”

The planning application for the sea wall project is due to go in at the end of the month for a 13-week period.