One Vision for our country’s natural assets

Morecambe Bay views.
Morecambe Bay views.
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An outdoor exhibition showing off the natural attractions of the United Kingdom could attract hundreds to our area.

The Morecambe Bay Partnership is trying to raise up to £21,500 to bring the 2020 VISION exhibition to the bay area in 2014.

This outdoor exhibition is made up of 100 panels showcasing natural habitats and wildlife throughout the country.

It is described as the most ambitious nature photography project ever staged in the UK, telling the story of the UK’s ecosystem and clean water, fresh air and productive soils.

Twenty of the UK’s top nature and wildlife photographers including local photographers Peter Cairns, Mark Hamlin, Lorne and Fergus Gill, along with filmmakers and sound recordists, have been involved in the project, capturing breathtaking images of the UK’s natural landscape and wildlife over a 20 month period in the field.

Since it’s launch in 2012, the exhibition has been to Edinburgh, Dundee, The National Forest, London, Brighton, Blair Castle and soon Morecambe Bay.

Morecambe Bay Partnership is a charitable collective of local people, agencies, authorities, industries, and voluntary bodies who work together for the good of Morecambe Bay.

The Partnership also hopes to bring the Bay Cycle Way to the area in 2015.

This cycle route around the Bay will run from Walney, near Barrow, to Glasson, south of Lancaster, and will sign and improve 200km of relatively flat cycle routes around the Bay.

In January, the Partnership will also launch the LoveMyBeach campaign, which urges the public to be more careful with how they dispose of plastics.

They are encouraged to clean up after their dogs and to check their plumbing connections to improve bathing water quality.