Morecambe’s Happy Mount Park gate debate

Happy Mount Park, Morecambe
Happy Mount Park, Morecambe
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Vandalism has led to a row over whether a Morecambe park should be locked up overnight.

The Happy Mount Park Friends Group is campaigning to keep the gates shut after several incidents of vandalism.

But a council officer report said incidents are “relatively low” at the park with media reports drawing attention to them.

It said: “Experience shows that in terms of securing Happy Mount Park, locking and unlocking the gates is more of a token than a practical exercise.”

But this has come as a shock to some including Shelagh Brown who has campaigned to keep the park safe.

Mrs Brown said: “It acts as a deterrent to have it locked. I think a lot of people would agree with me for security reasons we don’t want people wandering in at night.

“There has been incidents in the past and something needs to be done, I hope common sense prevails.”

The group believe the lack of security at the park has resulted in cars driving in, and youths congregating inside.

The officer’s findings also suggest at the times the park remains open there is no evidence of cars driving into the grounds.

The report adds: “There have been, due to staffing issues, only two occasions over the last 12 months (one occasion for several days) where it has not been possible to provide locking/unlocking of the gates.

On neither occasion did any actual damage occur and no evidence was found of cars driving in the park.”

The issue will be discussed at Lancaster City Council on Wednesday.