Entries bear fruit at Bolton-le-Sands summer show

Despite this summer's long drought, entries in the vegetables and fruit classes were well up on last year at Bolton-le-Sands Horticultural Society's 90th Annual Summer Show.

Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 3:00 pm
Picture by Julian Brown 11/08/18 Some of the committee members Bolton-le-Sands Horticultural Show

Flowers were fewer in number, but the hall was still filled with the heady fragrance of roses, sweet peas and lilies, brought together 
in a magnificent display of colour.

The show also featured a display on the Village Garden Competition and a collection of archive material showing photos and memorabilia about the society and its members and contributors over the last 90-years.

This year the show was opened by Mike Ashton who is normally seen around the village in his capacity as lengthsman.

However, on this occasion, Mike was asked to open the show in his capacity as representative and 
courier for North West Blood Bikes.

The Blood Bikes were chosen as the Horticultural Society’s charity of the year following Mike’s talk on the subject at the Annual Hot Pot Supper in April.

After welcoming everybody to the show Mike was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Bella Rhodes.

The Chair of the Society, Ian Hutton, echoed Mike’s thanks to all of the society’s supporters and volunteers for their hard work.

Thanks also went to Jean Dennis, Angela Hodder, Gill Draper and many 
others who helped staff the kitchen.

This year’s auction was once again ably conducted by Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, Mike Craddock. The auction raised just under £71, half of which will be donated to North West Blood 

Trophies – Mary Baldwin rose bowl: A Jolley; Miss Foster vase: B Howarth; W Sharples trophy: A Brown; R Moore cup: B Noon; H Hill trophy: D Hack; H M Foster cup: R Catterall; T O Walker cup: J Jackson; Mrs M A Grubb cup: S Retallick-Roberts; Mrs D Orr challenge cup: A Mawtus; Mrs J Whithington challenge cup: A Mawtus; Mrs A Woods challenge cup: A Mawtus.

Pat and Michael Fuller sweet pea bowl: T and P Davey; C W Grubb cup: T Piearce; E Rawlinson trophy: A Jolley; Alderman E G Smith cup: A Jolley; The B S Cottam cup: D Hack; National Sweet Pea Society: T and P Davey; National Dahlia Society: D Woodhouse; The Westmorland and N Lancs Federation of Horticultural Society Shows Blue Ribbon: T and P Davey; Banksian Medal: B Noon; Len Parkinson trophy: S and B Garland; Harold and Mary Pennington trophy: D Hack; Arthur Briggs trophy: B Chadwick; David G Rodwell shield: D Hack.

Open flower section – Bowl of sweet peas: B Howarth; Sweet peas, three vases: T and P Davey; Sweet peas, two vases: T and P Davey; Sweet peas, one vase: T and P Davey; Rose, one: A Jolley; Cluster roses: B Howarth; Gladioli, spikes: B Howarth; Gladioli, pips on a board: D Hack; Gladioli, one: B Howarth; Carnations or pinks: B Noon; Pansies: B Howarth; Asters: B Noon; Fuchsias: C Percival; Annuals, two vases: B Howarth; Annuals, one vase: B Howarth; Herbaceous perennials, one variety: B Howarth; Herbaceous perennials, mixed: B Howarth; Dahlias, cactus/semi cactus: D Woodhouse; Dahlias, decorative: D Woodhouse; Dahlias, pom pom: B Howarth; Dahlias, ball: D Woodhouse; Dahlias, waterlilies or collarette: D Woodhouse; Dahlias, basket: D Woodhouse. Begonias: D Hack; Flowering plant, pot 13cm or under: B Howarth; Flowering plant, pot 13cm over: D Hack; Fuchsia, single: C Percival; Foliage plant: J Langan; Pelargonium zonal: C Percival; Pelargonium, any other: D Hack; House plants: B Howarth; Hardy fern: T Piearce; Greenhouse 
fern: T Piearce; Cactus/succulent: 
B Noon; Flower and veg: B Noon; Lilies: B Howarth; Orchid: J Bennett; Tub/container: D Hack. Open vegetable/fruit section – Soft fruit: A Brown; Hard fruit: A Brown; Stone fruit: A Brown; Tomatoes: B Noon; Tomatoes, cherry: A Brown; Truss tomatoes: B Noon; Radish: B Noon; Onions, not over 1kg: A Shuttleworth; Onions: B Noon; Onion large, under 250gm, shallot: B Noon; White potatoes: B Howarth; Coloured potatoes: B Noon; Large shallots: B Howarth; Shallots to pass through ring: A Jolley; Cucumber: B Thornycroft; Broad beans: A Brown; Runner beans: A Jolley; Pods of peas: B Howarth; Marrow: B Noon; Heaviest marrow: A Shuttleworth; Capsicums: L Belcher; Cabbage: B Howarth; Lettuce: A Dean; Beetroot: A Jolley; Carrots: A Western; Rhubarb: S Garland; Any other veg: A Brown; Three different veg: B Noon.

Local flower section – French marigolds: D Hack; Sweet peas: A Jolley; Roses: A Jolley; Rose scented: R Piearce; Annuals: R Piearce; Herbaceous perennials: D Hack; Carnations or pinks: M Western; Flowering pot plant: D Hack; Foliage pot plant: D Hack; Orchid: L Belcher; Greenhouse fern: T Piearce.

Local vegetable section – Cucumber: B Thornycroft; Truss tomatoes: A Brown; Five tomatoes: A Jolley; Tomatoes cherry type: A Brown; Onions: M Craddock; French beans: 
L Belcher; Runner beans: A Jolley; Broad beans: A Brown; Pods of peas: A Jolley; Lettuce: A Dean; Potatoes: I Hutton; Marrow: M Craddock; Courgettes: A Dean; Any other veg: J Jackson; Dish of fruit: A Brown.

Floral art – Gent’s button hole: R Iveson; Lady’s corsage: S Retallick-Roberts; Small but perfect: S Retallick-Roberts.

Homecraft – Strawberry jam: K Bargh; Raspberry jam: R Catterall; Blackcurrant jam: A Dean; Any other jam: K Bargh; Any jelly: K Bargh; Marmalade: A Dean; Lemon curd: C Percival; Chutney: K Bargh; Bread: R Catterall; Chocolate cake: R Catterall; Lemon drizzle cake: R Catterall; Victoria sandwich: K Walsh; Fruit scones: R Catterall; Fruit pie: K Bargh; Shortbread: R Catterall; Madeira cake: R Catterall.

Children’s – Pet dinosaur rock: A Mawtus; Theme park: A Mawtus. Poster: A Mawtus; Photo: A Mawtus; Biscuits: A Mawtus; Cupcake: A Mawtus.

Handicraft – Embroidery: J Jackson; Tapestry: J Jackson; Calligraphy: J Walsh; Cross stitch: J Jackson; Any other hard craft: M Parkinson; Hand knitted item: V James; Cushion: J Jackson; Patchwork: J Spotswood.