ELECTION 2015: Full Morecambe Town Council results

Election 2015.
Election 2015.
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Labour have taken control of Morecambe Town Council.

The party won 14 seats in Thursday’s poll with eight Morecambe Bay Independents, two councillors from the Working Positively for Morecambe party, one from UKIP and one Independent.

Bare North Parish Ward:

Alex Ashworth (Morecambe Bay Independents) 993 ELECTED

June Irene Ashworth (Morecambe Bay Independents) 1,197 ELECTED

Barbara Barber (Morecambe Bay Independents) 869 ELECTED

Richard Laurence Moriarty (Green Party) 545

Valerie Rogerson (Labour Party) 609

Bare South East Parish Ward:

Tony Anderson (Morecambe Bay Independents) – automatically elected

Bare South West Parish Ward:

Shirley Burns (Morecambe Bay Independents) – automatically elected

Harbour Parish Ward:

Darren Keith Clifford (Labour Party) 1,238 ELECTED

Jason Firth (Morecambe Bay Independents) 769

Janice Hanson (Labour Party) 1,351 ELECTED

John Robert Hanson (Labour Party) 1,118 ELECTED

Liam Hughes (Labour Party) 1,054 ELECTED

Terry Ingle (Morecambe Bay Independents) 673

Steven Thomas Ogden (UK Independence Party) 999

David Whitaker (Labour Party) 1,134 ELECTED

Heysham North Parish Ward:

Carla Dianne Brayshaw (Labour Party) 603 ELECTED

David Ian Brayshaw (Labour Party) 653 ELECTED

James Carlton Fletcher (Morecambe Bay Independents) 367

Mavis Newton (Morecambe Bay Independents) 382

Margaret Pattison (Labour Party) 675 ELECTED

Dave Porter (UK Independence Party) 444

Hayley Elizabeth Schofield (Morecambe Bay Independents) 335

Lowlands Road Parish Ward:

Linda Margaret Page (Morecambe Bay Independents) 158 -ELECTED

Pat Wisbach (Labour Party) 147

Lune Drive Parish Ward:

Niall Semple – automatically elected

Out Moss Lane Parish Ward:

Joshua Brandwood (Labour Party) 129 ELECTED

Mark Knight (UK Independence Party) 112

Poulton Parish Ward

Vicky Boyd-Power (Morecambe Bay Independents) 477

Godfrey Samuel Danson (UK Independence Party) 416

Tricia Heath (Morecambe Bay Independents) 619 ELECTED

Brendan Anthony Hughes (Labour Party) 630 ELECTED

Terri Ann Metcalfe (Labour Party) 603 ELECTED

Paula Jeanette Ross-Clasper (Morecambe Bay Independents) 417

Natasha Walker (Labour Party) 514

Torrisholme Parish Ward:

John Bates (Working positively for Morecambe) 723 ELECTED

Linda Davies (Working positively for Morecambe) 885 ELECTED

Ronald John Day (Liberal Democrats) 686

Roger Dennison (Morecambe Bay Independents) 716 ELECTED

Jennifer Carol Edmunds (Working positively for Morecambe) 445

Robert Wilson Gillespie (UK Independence Party) 607

Rita Wiles (Labour Party) 699

Karen Wisbach (Labour Party) 609

Westgate Parish Ward:

Alan Biddulph (Labour Party) 715

Tracy Michelle Brown (Labour Party) 926 ELECTED

Ian Withnell Clift (Labour Party) 978 ELECTED

Claire Emily Cozler (Labour Party) 809 ELECTED

Cary Jane Matthews (Morecambe Bay Independents) 495

Michelle Ogden (UK Independence Party) 813 ELECTED

Barry Vickers (Morecambe Bay Independents) 611