ELECTION 2015: Eddie Izzard joins Labour party campaign trail

Eddie Izzard in Morecambe. Photo copyright: beanphoto.co.uk.
Eddie Izzard in Morecambe. Photo copyright: beanphoto.co.uk.
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Comedian Eddie Izzard urged Lancaster and Morecambe residents to get out and vote when he stopped by to join the Labour party campaign trail.

Eddie met party members before taking to the streets and speaking to potential voters about the importance of using their vote in the General Election on May 7.

Eddie Izzard in Lancaster.

Eddie Izzard in Lancaster.

He also gave a rousing speech on the plinth in Market Square, Lancaster, before heading to Morecambe and the Eric Morecambe statue to meet more supporters.

Eddie was swamped by fans during the visit, and spent time chatting to dozens of voters as well as posing for selfies with fans.

He said: “I volunteered to the Labour party to ask whether I could go to talk to activists and people in the street.

“I do like meeting people and talking to the activists because they do make a difference.

“I want everyone to have a fair chance in our country, in Europe, in the world. It’s the way the world will survive.

“I had a middle class upbringing but my grandparents had a different situation and I have also struggled in my own life in the past.

“I like to do things that other people think are positive, so hopefully people can look at me and think they can also do it.”

Eddie said it was vital that people vote in the fortcoming election.

He said: “Get out and use your vote; people fought and died for the vote and you can change this government.

“People complain and then don’t do anything. You can change things on May 7; people need to realise that they can actually make a difference.”