Mossgate rated good by Ofsted

Mossgate Primary School.
Mossgate Primary School.
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An Ofsted inspection has declared Mossgate Primary School in Heysham to be a good school.

Headteacher Chris Lawler and chair of governors John Manley were delighted with the outcome.

Mr Lawler said: “I am pleased that all the hard work put in by all the Mossgate team, teachers and support staff alike, has been recognised by the inspectors.

“This rating is recognition of our aim for all children at this school – to give them the best preparation possible for their lives once they leave Mossgate at their secondary schools and beyond.

“The school is now well placed to build on this report and we are already drawing up plans to make the school even better.

“Children and parents can expect to see some exciting changes over the next 12 months.”

Mr Manley added: “ Not only is this a “Good” report for the school but the inspectors made a number of positive comments that will give us the impetus to work towards being rated as an “Outstanding” school in the future.”

Comments the inspectors made about Mossgate included:

* “The headteacher and other leaders have ensured rapid improvements in teaching and pupils’ achievement. They continually and successfully strive to improve pupils’ progress.”

* “Teaching is good and is leading to consistently good learning, more rapid progress and rising standards.”

* “The curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities to ensure that pupils’ health and emotional well-being are strongly developed. There are many occasions when pupils can take on responsibilities and can participate in sporting, artistic and musical activities.”

* “Pupils are polite, well mannered, considerate and well behaved in lessons and around school. They feel safe and understand how to keep themselves safe in different situations.”