EDF cancellation will not affect nuclear plans

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EDF Energy have said the cancellation of a connection agreement with National Grid will not affect plans for a proposed nuclear site at Heysham.

National Grid announced that it was looking afresh at plans for connecting new generators along the north west coast after two companies confirmed that they are not currently progressing plans to link into the grid transmission system in Lancashire.

EDF, the developer of the proposed new nuclear site at Heysham and Wyre Power, recently cancelled the connection agreements they had with National Grid.

EDF Energy said: “There was an historic grid connection agreement with National Grid for Heysham, which was put in place by British Energy in 2006 before its acquisition by EDF.

“Given that EDF Energy’s initial plans for new build are focused elsewhere, this agreement was cancelled last year.

“This decision also reflected the fact that land at Heysham will be retained by EDF Energy.”

National Grid is hoping to complete its review of the route options in the next few weeks and to start consultations with key organisations and local communities in spring/summer this year.