Eden Project looks great, Universal Credit not a success, benefits of smart meters, Northern Rail dispute, Brexit - new vote needed

Readers' letters, December 4

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 2:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 2:34 pm
An artists impression of Eden Project North, a proposed new attraction for Morecambe . Credit: Grimshaw Architects

It’s great to see the first images of the Eden Project proposed for the old Bubbles site in Morecambe, produced by Nicholas Grimshaw Architects.

Of course, the £100m cost still has to be raised, but the project has support from powerful sponsors and there would seem to be a good chance of success.

This scheme will be a brilliant new attraction in Morecambe, and will be of benefit to the whole district.

Martin Widden, For Lancaster Civic Society/Lancaster Vision

Univeral Credit hardly a succees

In Parliament on November 19, David Morris said: “In Morecambe, we have had Universal Credit for the past two years; we were one of the very first places where it was rolled out. It is a success.”

I fail to see how Universal Credit is a “success” when as a result of its rollout homelessness, poverty and hunger has risen. Don’t believe me?

Go and talk to the staff at the CAB and the local foodbank.

Coun Colin Hartley, Heysham South ward

Smart meters are a saving

In response to negative articles about smart meters, I am writing to tell you how much ours has benefited us since having it installed.

Also our positive experiences since having it installed.

Before having our smart meter installed, I always thought I was doing everything to save energy, then we had our smart meter installed and now we save even more money.

Since having our smart meter installed, we now have a better understanding of what we spend every day on gas and electric and no longer have to worry about waiting in for utility people to come to read our meters. We now know we get accurate and precise bills. Smart meters are the future and we don’t regret having ours installed.

Eve Ogden, email address supplied

Scare tactics on railways

On Northern Rail’s strikes about guards on trains, surely many of us are familiar with such transport systems as the London Underground with driver-only trains, and London’s Docklands Light Railway trains which don’t even have a driver. Claims are made that the second staff member on Northern’s trains is necessary to ensure safety.


The safety record of the systems in London is what we all know it to be pretty near perfect.

Fortunately, responsibility is vested in the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that we are safe on our journeys, not the RMT union’s executive, and the HSE has expressed no concerns about safety on the newly-proposed trains.

I believe that Northern Rail has said that no jobs will be lost by the changes.

Michael J Robinson, email address supplied

We need a new vote on Brexit

The Prime Minister has called on the country to unite behind the Withdrawal Agreement she has agreed with the European Union.

The UK objective has been to control the movement of people in two directions: citizens wanting to leave the UK to live, work or retire to a country in Europe, and those wishing to come to work here in the UK.

However, Mrs May could have controlled inward migration by the introduction of biometric identity cards. This could have allayed the fears of many that some people might be entering the UK in order to gain free health and social benefits.

Mrs May’s tactical failures have contributed to a deal which will leave the UK extremely restricted and unable to contribute to the inner workings of Europe. We will not be leading but led by the halter.

Initially Parliament will have to find a constitutional arrangement which will not be so damaging to citizens’ rights and the economy, but if this does not happen, a People’s Vote will be needed.

GW Collinge, Roosevelt Avenue, Lancaster