Eating Out: Sublime at Sabai

Sabai Thai Restaurant, China Strret, Lancaster.
Sabai Thai Restaurant, China Strret, Lancaster.

For the past few years it seems every song in the charts features a rapper, heavy use of autotune and is set ‘In Da Club.’

That sounds so wrong when I say it!

For months now loads of people supposedly in the know have been saying 2013 will see the return of the guitar and bands will once again reign supreme.

It might be true or it could just be the wishful thinking of desperate musicians. It’s all about fashion cycles.

Dance music was considered dead a decade ago whilst we were all moshing to guitars.

Now the situation is reversed and last year was one of the worst years for sales of rock bands.

But there are lots of fantastic bands in the outskirts of mainstream music.

There always has been but momentum is building.

Look at this year’s Brit Awards as a barometer. Mumford and Sons won the big prize for best album on the night.

They are selling out stadiums and have put guitar and folk music firmly back in the mainstream arena.

The show was opened by Muse which was also a green spring-like shoot in the bleak winter for real music.One of my favourite bands of the moment is a group from Dublin called Kodaline, who visited The Bay studios recently.

They crept into the charts last year with their first EP and are about to launch their second.

They are finding themselves on radio station playlists which is usually a surefire way of getting a hit record.

The lads have known each other since primary school which they say gives them a security for the future.

A knowledge that they know each other so well that they can work together under any circumstance and know what buttons not to press to wind each other up.

The band describes their music as laid back, heartfelt and honest.

They write together about real experiences and because they spend so much time in each other’s company their experiences are intertwined which gives a real authenticity to their music.

Their debut album will be out in June.

In the last few months they have developed a strong following.

They have been headlining gigs in Dublin for ages before they got signed. Now things are taking off here and they are touring the UK in March and April.

If you get a chance I’d highly recommend checking out Kodaline.