Drivers warned about dangers of dump truck crossing

Drivers are being advised not to jump red lights due to dump trucks moving earth.
Drivers are being advised not to jump red lights due to dump trucks moving earth.
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A dump truck crossing will be installed on Torrisholme Road - but drivers are being warned of the consequences of jumping the red light.

A plant crossing needs to be installed between Russell Drive and Endsleigh Grove for up to six weeks to allow dump trucks to cross Torrisholme Road.

Costain Community Relations Officer, Tom Horton said: “Its important drivers, pedestrians and cyclists do not jump the red light due to the power and poor visibility the drivers of the enormous dumptrucks have.”

Costain Project Director, Andrew Langley said “The dumptrucks can carry almost twice as much as the 8-wheel road wagons, so this will speed the backfill operations up whilst the weather and light is favourable.

“We are still transporting some material on road wagons, but are keeping this to an absolute minimum to help reduce the impact on the road network.

“Although the traffic lights for the plant-crossing will interrupt the flow of traffic on Torrisholme Road for a couple of minutes, the disruption will be limited to only six weeks rather than stretch the operation out over a number of months.

“Unlike the system that has been used recently to assist the masonry works on the new bridge structure walls, traffic traveling on Torrisholme Road will only be stopped via a red light when the crossing is needed.

“The rest of the time Torrisholme Road will be fully open.”

Costain Community Relations Officer, Tom Horton said: “During the plant-crossing the Heysham to M6 Link Visitor Centre will remain open at its normal opening hours of; Monday (1pm - 5pm), Wednesday (3pm - 7pm) and Friday (8am -1pm).

“Unfortunately the carpark for visitors to the centre will be closed off during plant crossing operational hours for safety reasons. Access will be via the pedestrian gate only.

“The footpath outside the Visitors Centre will remain open throughout the plant-crossing; however pedestrians and cyclists will also need to stop for their own safety when the dumptrucks are crossing Torrisholme Road.”

Eight large dumptrucks will work together on return to move up to 40 tonnes of earth on each load from 7:30am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 7:30am to 4pm on Saturdays, starting from Monday, August 24.

The dumptrucks movements will reduce significantly in wet weather.

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