Driver tries to escape with officer in window

Preston Crown Court.
Preston Crown Court.
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A banned driver tried to escape with a police officer’s armpit wedged through the car window on the A6 towards Lancaster.

The constable was forced to jump from the vehicle after becoming wedged armpit upwards.

A court heard that PC Philip Salliss had to then run alongside the vehicle for about five metres.

PC Salliss managed to get back to his car and head off in pursuit of Ewan Forrest.

The defendant was subject to four concurrent driving bans at the time on March 3 at Preston Crown Court.

The 27-year-old of Casa Nostra, Garstang had pleaded guilty to offences of driving while disqualified and dangerous driving.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said PC Salliss was on mobile patrol and got a radio message about a vehicle being driven by a banned driver.

Forrest was at the wheel of a Rover Defender on the A6 and went on to be spotted by police.

The officer activated his emergency lights and signs and the vehicle stopped on Scotforth Road when the officer walked over to speak to the driver.

Forrest complied with requests to switch off his engine and put the key on the dashboard.

The vehicle went on to be started up again and a passenger allegedly told him to “go, go.”

The defendant set off at some speed and this presented some difficulty for PC Salliss who was partially in the vehicle.

Mr Clarke said: “He tried to hold on and turn off the ignition, but unfortunately wasn’t able to.

“As the vehicle was moving he was forced to jump and run alongside the car for five metres or so.

“The vehicle went up to 10-15mph until, for his own safety, the officer had no option but to let go.”

The PC was unhurt.

The defendant was found hiding under a bramble bush in gardens 11 days later.

Laura Heywood, defending, said Forrest had an “unenviable” criminal record.

Since the age of 18 he had appeared in court every single year for an offence.

However, there had been a gap of about two and a half years since his previous offence.

On the date of his latest offences there were concerns his girlfriend was having a miscarriage.

Miss Heywood said: “The dangerous driving was short, just about five metres.

“He had initially complied with the officer’s requests.

“In a foolish panic he decided to drive off.”

The defendant was given 19 months in jail and was banned from driving for three years.