Don’t turn our town into a grot spot

Fly tipping and general litter side of Winter Gardens car park.
Fly tipping and general litter side of Winter Gardens car park.
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Rubbish dumped by flytippers remains a major problem in Morecambe town centre.

The back of the Winter Gardens theatre and the Arndale Centre car park have been turned into tips by bags of litter and building materials.

Evelyn Archer, chair of the Winter Gardens Preservation Trust, said: “Why do they have to dump their rubbish?

“They should ring the council or put it in the bin.”

Mrs Archer said the Trust had reluctantly agreed to pay the council to remove the rubbish, which has accumulated near the old Ratcliffe and Bibby office.

“We’re a charity and none of the rubbish is ours,” she said.

“Our volunteers come along to help the theatre, and I don’t want to ask them to move the rubbish.

“There could be anything, needles, in there.

“Some of the litter comes from the Sunday Market but I’m not blaming them, they have an agreement with the council to clear the site. The council should act quicker before the litter blows across the car park.”

A spokeswoman for Lancaster City Council said it was not possible to provide a regular litter picking service on private land.

The council has also removed rubbish dumped near the Arndale car park toilets after a taxi driver reported it to The Visitor.

“As with any incidents of flytipping, the council would urge anyone witnessing the illegal dumping of rubbish in our district to contact our customer service centre on 01524 582491 with a view to us identifying and prosecuting the offenders,” said the spokeswoman.