Don’t put up with irritable bowel

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LAST week we started looking at natural remedies to help people take control of their irritable bowel, using Citricidal and Pro Bio Daily to support the build-up of friendly bacteria and deal with problems like bloating and wind.

I also mentioned that the term IBS is a blanket term and that it can cover a multitude of problems, which is why just one approach is never going to help everyone with IBS – we need to look at the specific symptoms that are being suffered by each individual in order to work out the best things to help.

This week I am going to take a look at the best ways to help someone suffering with IBS, with constipation as one of the main symptoms.

Constipation is defined by nutritionists as the failure to move your bowel every day in a satisfactory way.

When the bowel is not moved every day, waste matter can start to build up in the bowel, which irritates the bowel wall and can lead to bloating and pain.

Long term constipation can also, surprisingly enough, lead to diarrhoea.

The reason for this is that the irritation in the bowel from the constipation can become so bad that the bowel just lets go, emptying everything out.

At which point the diarrhoea stops and the constipation returns.

This does not happen to everyone, but can be quite common for sufferers of IBS.

The key area to deal with in IBS with constipation, or for IBS with alternating constipa tion and diarrhoea, is the constipation – stop that and everything else should fall into place.

To deal with constipation there are several elements to look at:

1 Fibre – eat plenty of gentle fibre – not brand which is scouring, but things like oats, flax seeds, beans, peas and fresh vegetables.

Also take a good fibre supplement. My absolute favourite is Lambert’s Eliminex – it tastes great, is suitable for any age, does not turn into wallpaper paste and I have had great results with it, including one lady who previously was only going to the toilet once every 10 days!

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