Don’t make one failure an excuse to give up

Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.
Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.
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Along the road to your goals, you may fail. That doesn’t mean the end. You need a solution.

If you didn’t hit your goal weight this week, you need to come up with a solution. If you train four times a week, train five times this week. That’s your immediate solution.

If you’re saving for your dream trip, and you had an emergency you had to fork out money on, establish a solution about how to make that money back. The night out you had planned needs to be scrapped.

Make a sacrifice. The sacrifice will be worth it. The sacrifice will mean you make back that money, and you continue moving forward toward your dream trip.

If you fail, don’t use this as an excuse to give up. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Draw up your solution to your problem. Act on it.

Everyone fails from time to time. It’s how we learn. But it is worth it.

Success brings reward. That reward may be something as simple as the satisfaction of achievement. It may be something else. Set yourself a reward scheme for each time you hit one of your targets. Reward yourself with something that will serve to push you toward your goal. Use a reward to enable you to overcome an obstacle that may appear in front of you.

Look down the path and see the possibility rather than the chance of failure. See your success. See your reward.

You may have heard the story of the donkey who fell down the farmers well. Seeing no way of getting the donkey out, he called upon friends to fill in the well. As they did so, they witnessed something incredible.

Instead of accepting death, the donkey chose to fight, and used every shovel full of dirt to take a step up toward the top of the well, until he finally reached freedom, and emerged successful.

His reward was his life. A little bit exaggerated maybe in this context, but he made a choice. His goal was the ultimate choice. He overcame an obstacle. He defied the fear of failure. He defied the fear of looking stupid, in the face of adversity.

Each step was his reward. Until finally. He was free.

Your reward needs to be strong. It needs to mean something. Write it down.

Your dream body. Your dream holiday. Your dream business. It’s possible.